Sunday, July 8, 2012

This week in TV

TV this week.

It was a great week in Tv. A new Futurama, Longmire, Chopped, and so on. Plus I am going to throw a quick thought about a show I never watch, but thought I would give a shot because my girlfriend watched it.

 Futurama (7.3 Decision 3012): This was a great episode. It is election time in the year 3012. Mr. Nixon is running for re-election, and the only competent candidate is losing because he isnt hip enough. This episode had many funny points, plus one of the better intros to date. The beautiful thing is that this episode kind of wrapped up how I feel about politics, very satirical and yet still extremely random. I cant wait to watch more episodes.

Bunk: Host Kurt Braunohler makes this show amazing. Its similar to Comedy Bang Bang, in this regard its basically an extended skit based around the premise of a game show. A lot of improv, a lot of jokes, and great comedian guests; Kumail Nanjiani, Dana Gould, Tom Lennon, and many many more. The show is hilarious and just to watch. It is absolutely silly, but if you can handle that kind of comedy you will love it.

Comedy Bang Bang!: Scott Aukerman is basically the godfather of podcasting, one of the first to do it and make it work properly. This show is an extension of that podcast. Its a comedy show that looks like a talk show. It has amazing guests and Reggie Watts is the music host. This show is damn hilarious and you get guests like Jon Hamm, Michael Cera, and other great comedy minds. Super silly and extremely random, but super super fun.

Common Law (1.7 Roll play): When I saw the premise of this episode I didnt think I would enjoy it, but as the episode breaks down, it actually becomes pretty amazing. The cool thing about this show is how they compliment each other and this one puts them in each other shoes which wasnt schticky as I was thinking it was going to be, but actually really good. I love this show and each week keeps getting better.

 Longmire (1.5 Dog Soldier): This is easily becoming one of my favorite shows on TV. I love where this show is going and I cant wait to see more and more episodes. This episode showed us how bad ass Longmire can be and a bunch of the political stuff on the side. There is great deep story here and a cool little look into the past. We dont really know what he was doing in Denver, but damnit I am excited to find out.

Walking Dead (Season 2): There is a marathon happening as I type this. My girl and I missed season 2 and cant wait to burn through it today. The show is amazing and leads to the first episode being in black in white. This will round out my tv watching for the week.

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