Sunday, July 15, 2012

Bad Ass: The movie

Bad ass is a movie staring Danny Trejo as an old Vietnam vet that basically kicks ass all over the place. The whole movie is based off a small 3 minute clip off of Youtube (video posted after the break) that features an old dude beating up some younger dude. The clip was a huge and blew up the internet for some time. The movie... well you will have to read about the movie.

As promised here is the original clip from youtube.

The clip is freaking awesome. Vietnam Tom destroys this kid for being an asshole. I mean hell the old dude even moved to the front of the bus to stop the fight and the kid just had to keep pushing. Frankly I would love to see more stuff like this where young punks get their asses handed to them. But that is another topic, lets jump into the movie.

The Youtube clip was only 3 minutes long and they made a hour and half movie out of it. So as you can imagine they had to add quite a bit of extra stuff to stretch it out that long. The movie starts out with bad ass on the bus thinking and more or less rein-acting the original bus scene. And it is exactly the same... if you replace the young kid with two neo-nazi assholes. They fight the clip goes on youtube and we have the start of the movie. It does seem to be similar up to this point, bad ass becomes a youtube celebrity and what not.

Oh wait before the fight start they give him a little of a back story... it is crazy and completely pointless. I honestly think they could have done without it, but it would probably been a much shorter movie.

Ok so overall the movie is insane. It would be tough to say its a good movie, but its something. The action is absolutely insane the story is ridiculous and the characters are nuts. The only good thing about the movie is really Danny Trejo. I dont know if I would ever watch this movie again. In fact I barely paid attention the first time. It was a fun movie but just bananas. I dont even know how they made an entire story of this clip, but they did and it probably falls under a B- movie or something. Its bad. Be prepared its not quite as funny as you would think. I mean they have a lot of old person/outdated jokes, and a weird running gag about a flash drive. I would rate it as a 2 stars probably. No more.

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