Sunday, July 15, 2012

TV Wrap up: Common law, Franklin and Bash, Burn Notice

This week in TV... I watched a bunch of TV this week. Most of everything I saw was actually pretty good. We already have way too many shows to watch on a weekly base and there are a couple more that are going to be added, with White Collar and Breaking Bad. I saw one other new show and if you check after read more you will see what I thought about it.

Franklin and Bash - Voir Dire (2.6): This show has just started to to grow on me. One of the main reasons I started watching it was that I love Kumil Nanjiani. Now I only saw a couple episodes of the first season and by all intents a purposes this show should not be that good. I mean its  very cliche with the young lawyers doing what they want. The douche bag lawyer is a little obvious as the bad guy wearing all black and acting like a dick. And the old crazy lawyer who has been around forever, whenever he does or say something crazy it works out every time. This show should feel very trite and old, but it doesn't. The characters work just right and that may be because of the actors or the writing. This last episode was fun as hell for some reason and I will continue watching it until the series ends or it gets old.

Burn Notice - Under the Gun (6.4): The season has been a little slow as it builds towards a big season finale. There are many cogs at work and it has taken a little while to get them all moving. Last episode I knew that the Prison Entrepreneur would end up being more involved, and this episode supported that theory. In addition in this episode we see Becca from the previous episode pop up and start to weave herself into the group. Also proving that Anson is way to powerful, but none the less I think the end of the series is going to be huge and very inclusive. I enjoyed the heart behind this episode a lot it made everyone look human again... Oh yeah and Michael beat up a dude because he hurt is mom and that is super sweat.

 Longmire - The Worst Kind of Hunter (1.6): I will gladly state this now this is probably one of my favorite shows on tv at this moment. The show is damn near perfect. The actors work well from longmire to the scared rookie. The writing is amazing and the stories are very interesting and self contained, yet there is a small thread running through the entire series. Starting last episode you start seeing a little glimpse into the past of Longmire. This episode did not show too much more of that, but we know something crazy happened, we just dont know exactly what yet. Its this little thread that will continue to keep people interested in the show. The episode as a whole was not super impressive, it was just entertaining enough to keep you watching. But they did introduce you to another new character the previous grizzled Sheriff Lucien Connally. He is just like longmire grizzled and tough as nails. He was just a guest, but I hope we see more of him.

Suits - Discovery (2.4): Since the introduction of Daniel Hardman there has been a question running through my mind of how dangerous or bad this guy is. They have painted a picture of him as being a dangerous evil person. And based on the small previous information you would think he was an evil dick, but if you look at what has been presented he seems not to be that bad. I have a feeling this is what they are going for, they want us to continually question his allegiance. Which works for me. I think it will be an interesting story to follow and since I dont know the answer yet I am excited to see where it goes. This episode did reveal a couple things and I cant wait too see where they take it. One very important and sad thing happened this episode. Through the run of the series Lewis has basically been the bad guy. A couple episodes back they showed him in a slightly brighter light. You start to see him as a good teacher that just happens to be an ass. But this episode you see Mike start to respect him and understand him a little better. Its cool because Lewis opens up and actually becomes kind of human. Unfortunately by the end of the episode you see him duck back into his shell. It was one of the coolest moments and then one of the saddest moments to happen in one episode. I am seriously digging this show and cant wait to see where it goes.

Common Law - Joint Custody (1.8): The episode was pretty awesome. This show is definitely in the first season and they are building characters and developing traits. I do really enjoy how both partners work with each other. My one concern is the marriage counseling storyline. It was interesting at first and created a certain dynamic, but its a little over the top and is not good anymore. I love the show still and I love what is happening, I just want to see a little less counseling and more policing. The episode was kind of corny because it was like a child custody thing, but it was fun enough and you got to see some good work.

Perception - Pilot (1.0): New show from TNT the same tv station that brings you Franklin and Bash. I was curious because of the actors Eric McCormack (Will and Grace) and Rachael Leigh Cook (Abigale from psych). They are both very talented and fun to watch. I have literally just started watching and my first impression from the first 5 minutes are that it reminds a lot of Monk.... well monk plus a little more crazy. The main character is named Dr. Daniel Piece and he seems to be a teacher/author focused around Neurology. He suffers from paranoid schizophrenia and cant tell what is real at times. Man I am only minutes in and I am already feeling like jumping ship. It just feels so much like Monk and any other show put out by USA that its hard to take seriously. Wait, I just saw her jump from a second story fire escape and land on the bad guy without being hurt... nope... this is not how I usually do things, but i am pulling the rip cord. If I start hearing good things about it, I will consider jumping back in, but it is too unrealistic at this point. 


Breaking... freaking... bad - season 5 is about to start tonight and I cannot wait to watch it. During the entire walking dead marathon they kept showing small clips of the new season and previous season. I am so pumped about it. The last 4 seasons of that show have been nothing but awesome. I have yet to feel disappointed even by a single episode of this series. I cant watch to start checking into this season. Recording tonight watching tomorrow.

White Collar - season 4 started last week. My girl and I should be watching it tonight or tomorrow. I love this show and last season left us with quite a cliff hanger. The series is amazing and Gaffery (Matthew Bomer) is freaking awesome. Probably my favorite show on USA at this moment. I cant wait to dig into this season.

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