Thursday, July 19, 2012

Comic Books This week: almost a fail.

This has been a pretty rough week for comics. I grabbed 4 new comics from the library and I have only finished one so far. I started reading two of them and just had to stop. I finished 1 and enjoyed ok, and the other is still just sitting there. And if that wasnt bad enough. I started one at home and quickly decided it was not worth my time. So out of five comics, I stopped reading 3, only mildly enjoyed 1, and have yet to start the final one. The plus is that this is all balanced out with the reading of the last 8 issues of Walking Dead, which is always enjoyable. I will make this one pretty quick but feel free to read still in case you were interested in any of these comics.

 Fell: Feral City - Lets start on a semi positive note. This is writen by Warren Ellis as are most of the books this week. Warren has an interesting writing style. Usually pretty dark, but usually very good. This has the dark and is okay, but never really hit home for me. Part of the problem is that the book contains 8 stories that are basically disconnected. Not really even a thread that runs through the entire book, just separate stories. They are fun, well written, and interesting, but without the connection its tough to really love. The best part of it though is the art. Ben Templesmith illustrates it and it is gorgeous. I love his art and it makes the series worth reading if for that alone.

2. Crecy - I knew nothing about this book except that it was written by Warren Ellis. And as I just said I usually love his stuff. As I grabbed the book and saw how thin it was I was already a bit disappointed, but if I judged a book by its size I would have never read We3 by Grant Morrison. So I jumped in thinking I could finish it before break. First its all black and white, but not like walking dead where they use different shades of gray to add color and depth. This is just black and white, so much so that the text tends to blend into the art. Not that I was missing much with the text. I was mostly bored reading this . Not much was happening and I wasnt being drawn into the world. So I stopped. Might try it again later, but probably not. With all the comics I read I just stop if I am not having fun.

3. Incorruptible: Vol 4 - I have really never latched onto this series. I have read the first 4 and have kind of enjoyed myself, but never really felt I needed to run out and read the next one. Its weird because it is based in the same world as Irredeemable, but has never really felt connected. Basically he is the opposite of Plutoman in the fact that he was a bad guy who has turned over a new leaf. My big problem with the series is even though they are in the same world, there worlds seem to be in different areas of the planet. Basically after the general destruction took place his story never seems to coincide with the story of plutoman. When I started reading I was kind of hoping for a huge crossover type event. So after reading a couple pages and still not being drawn in. I have decided to tap out.

5. Black Widow - I don't even know if there is a subtext to this title, nor do I care. I have never read a Black Widow comic before, but I thought, "she is cool as hell in movies", and I recently read a spider woman comic that I enjoyed. So i gave it a shot. I got to about the second part of the book the art had been jumping around and the timeline was all over the place, this was the point I started losing interest. The thing that made me close the book for good was when they brought pre-wolverine Logan into the mix. This is starting to become a pet peeve of mine. I mean I know he is the lamppost of Marvel and that his origin and pre-wolverine history is always in question, but do we really have to shoehorn him into literally every bodies story? This plus the lackluster story was enough to make me close the book for good.

Man this week was bleak. The one shiny moment was Walking Dead, but you will have to read my big post of the first 100 issues of walking dead if you are interested in my review about that. Also it would appear as though I am just bashing the hell out of Warren Ellis and that is not true. I did not care too much for what he offered this week for me, but I have hope for the next book. Its called Black Summer and it looks pretty awesome. It reminds be a lot of No hero and that was pretty awesome. Also he wrote one of my favorite comics ever Red. So dont read this weeks review and think he sucks, check out his good stuff. Next week for sure I will have Averngers vol. 2 and possibly Rick Remenders Venom. Plus whatever else the library produces.

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