Sunday, July 29, 2012

Dark Knight Rises: Review

So I am going to do a quick review without spoiling anything and then after the break I will mention my problems with the movie. Basically, do not click read more if you have not seen the movie. 

I really really enjoyed the movie, I thought it was a pretty amazing ending to a trilogy... well it would have been if it did not end with such an open door. The one thing that really bothered me about this movie was the ending. The entire movie was amazing, and hell even the ending wasn't even bad, its just not the ending I wanted.

Overall the movie was damn amazing. The action was great, the story was awesome, and the actors did an incredible job. I love how characters were eluded to rather than obviously named, what I mean is Catwoman was not once called catwoman... oh yeah and she has never been hotter to me Anne Hathway really wore that suit well. Plus she did a great job as Selina Kyle. Bane was great. The only thing that killed the overall experience was the speech sound track. It just seemed a little unbalanced, and there were moments that I literally could not understand what was being said. With that aside the movie was amazing, and i am super excited to have seen it. The night before I watched the 2 previous movies and forgot how much I enjoyed them. The series was damn amazing and I could not be happier with it. (Do not click read more if you have not seen the movie. SPOILERS AHEAD)

Ok so one more final warning If you have not read the movie do not go any further. 

Like I said I loved the movie but there are a couple things that left me scratching my head. I guess all of my problems revolve around the end of the movie. It seems like they left it open for a sequel to this one, but everything I have heard is that Christopher Nolan is out. With Christopher being out so is Anne Hathaway and Christian Bale. I have little to no desire to watch someone else try and run with a series that he has made so amazing. With that being said if Christopher is out I think I might be also.

The one glaring issue I had with the movie was Joseph Gordan Levitt's character. Right at the beginning I realized that they were going to use him in a weird way. The whole orphan thing felt a lot like Dick Grayson, but didnt fit the comic origin story. At the end of the movie they make a remark... "you should go by your whole name... Robin". What the hell? There is not one Robin character who has ever been named Robin. But clearly he is Dick Grayson because he gets the keys to the bat cave. Oh yeah and Batman faked his death and moved to Italy with Selina Kyle. So Batman is out of the next Batman movie. Oh yeah and they turned Wayne manner into an orphanage. As compassionate as that is, where does Bruce Wayne live when he gets back to Gotham? If I were a betting man I would assume they are heading towards a spinoff of nightwing, but how does he become nightwing without batman training. I dont know, even a day later I am still confused.

If I were DC comics/ WB studios, I would talk to Christopher Nolan and offer him whatever amount of money it takes and sign him up for a four movie deal. 1 more Batman and 3 Nightwing, or 3 more Batman at minimum. This right now is DC's only successful movie. The new superman might be ok, but its a gamble at best. Also if DC was smart they would drop this whole Justice League garbage and start making separate movies to see if they could even make that successful. With all the great bad guys available in the batman world and now with the introduction of nightwing, i am curious where they could go. Think about it, you have to keep it realistic and they have given us a realistic origin of Dick Grayson. Plus you have plenty of baddies that could still feel the realistic, Calendar Man, Penguin (as a gangster not a penguin fanatic), poison Ivy could work, a rebirth of Ra Ah Ghul, etc etc. If this is the last one, its fine I guess, but I dont like the ending at all.

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