Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Watch: Review

A quick review of "The Watch" a movie staring Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, Jonah Hill, and Richard Ayoade (Moss from IT crowd). When the movie was originally released or rather advertised it was called Neighborhood Watch until the shooting that happened. After that they did a quick rename and a very late campaign for the movie. I saw the first trailer about a month and a half ago online, and I was pretty excited. Then I saw a second trailer and heard a pretty negative review. This made me a little less then excited about it. Last night my girl, her sister, and I went to watch this movie. It was a pretty awesome experience.

This movie was Damn funny. I laughed harder at this movie than any other this year. It was the perfect "R" rated comedy, with a great balance of swearing, inappropriate comedy, nudity, and story. The story is bananas, but really funny. The characters are what really killed it for me. Ben Stiller has not been this funny for a long time, he plays more of a straight man which was awesome, also he has a pretty deep development. Vince Vaughn plays a father with good money just looking for some guys to hang out with. He has a teenage daughter and it is awesome to see how he reacts to things. Jonah plays basically a psychopath, which was perfect. And Richard is just as funny as he is in the IT crowd. In addition to all of the main characters all of the side characters could not have been better cast. They all fit in very well and made this movie more then watchable.

I literally laughed from beginning to end and I am so glad I watched this movie. The movie was perfectly balanced and I think probably going to be the best comedy of the season. The only one that has a chance to over take it is "The Canidate". This movie proves again that if you put funny people in a movie and let them do what they do best, it will be amazing. I loved this movie.

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