Sunday, July 8, 2012

Comic Books!! This week.

I read a lot of comic books, probably too many comic books really, but this is part of what makes I could use a single post to write about a single comic, but I kind of like the shotgun approach I am taking with TV shows. Plus those posts would be super short. Maybe with a specifically good comic or one that isnt part of a series or long run.

Scarlett - Vol 1: I have been very hit or miss with Brian Michael Bendis, but he is world renowned and I thought I would give it a run. This is an interesting book. I am not going to pretend that its my favorite, but there are some good points about it. The story is interesting, and pretty cool at times, possibly a little pretentious at times. The art is amazing, to the point that if I meet this artist I will get a print from him. Overall a good story with one major problem in my opinion. They break the forth wall throughout the entire story. Its similar to what Deadpool does and it drives me nuts. Its a good read, pretty quick and politically charged. I would suggest it.

Moon Knight - Vol 1: This book is amazing. I have never read Moon knight before, but I can honestly say i will read it all from now on. Moon knight is basically batman for the marvel universe, he has a slight boost in speed and power when the Moon is full, I guess and he praises the God of the moon named Khonshu. He is praised through revenge or vengeance or something. Basically he fights really well and uses gadgets, like Batman, with the potential boost of energy by the moon... I guess. The main things about this series that is awesome is just plainly the writing. There is something that happens it he story that is a huge spoiler, which is hilarious and is the single thing that makes the series amazing. I cant wait to read the next book.

Uncanny X-Force - Vol 1-4: Before these books I had never read anything from Rick Rememder before these books, but I will make sure to read everything by him from now on. I read X-force by Christopher Yost last year, and I was a little underwhelmed. The Uncanny X-force series is exactly what I was expecting from Yost. The series is brutal and absolutely crazy. The characters are Psylocke, Wolverine, Fantomex, Deadpool, and Archangel. The story is nuts, the art is awesome, the fights are great. The best part is that there is a sweet storyline involving the dark universe that is really cool. And not to spill anything but a cool teaser at the end of volume 4. 

Ultimate Wolverine vs Hulk: I usually hate the ultimate universe. I dont even know why, but everything I have read from that universe usually doesnt feel right to me. My boss from the past told me a bit about this story so i thought it was amazing, so when i saw it I thought it was worth a read. It is pretty cool kind of breaks a couple previously set rules, mostly with Wolverine and his adamantium. Basically there is a point where he is ripped in half and thrown a a couple miles away from his lower part of his body. I guess this metal is not as indestructible as they said it was. Overall the book is pretty awesome, with some extremely ridiculous points, but a fun read. This has not made me want to jump into the ultimate universe, but its worth reading.

Secret Avengers - Vol 2: This was written by Ed Brubaker and I love everything he writes. Plus I love avengers, steve rogers and the entire secret avengers team. This series is pretty dope and I love Prince of Orphans. This follows Shang-Chi a Kung-fu master. I love reading books about less super powers and more martial arts or normal fighters. Its the same reason I love Moon knght, Daredevil, Captain America, Bucky (winter soldier), Iron Fist, etc. The was ok, well written, cool story, and awesome characters. The one down side was the introduction of a character from Steve's past that I dont love, but it was cool enough. As usual the story ends on a cliff hanger, but it was a solid read.

Next Comic Post: I will have probably read the new daredevil vol 1, Secret avengers fear itself, Hellboy Vol. 1. Possibly Skullkickers Vol. 2. I Dont want to do less then 5 per post, but I dont know what the final book will be.

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