Thursday, July 19, 2012

Girls post #2 Free pass list

Not too long ago I was hanging out with my girlfriend at her work. All the girls were in the office and they were creating their free pass list. A list of guys they would have sex with if they had a chance and would not get in trouble or feel bad about. Well I let them go on for a moment until I decided to make my list. I have recently updated this list and of course I would never have sex with any woman besides my soon to be wife, so I guess this could be my coolest girls I would love to date if I was not in a committed relationsihp.

1. Zooey Deschanel: 

How could she not be on everyones list. She is just adorable. First of all she is super attractive. She has an awesome tv show. She plays instruments and is in an awesome indie band. All in all she is just a cool hipster girl wrapped up in an adorable package. I can only imagine hanging out with her all day watching corny movies. Just the perfect hipster girl.

2. Alison Brie:

This girl is pretty hot when it comes down to it. I put her on the list because she is in two great shows and plays two very different characters. My girl thinks she looks to young for me and maybe that is true, but there is something about her that just works. Also she seems like an awesome girl. I heard her on the nerdist (#20) and she was hilarious. Plus she is one of the more fun characters on Community. I dont know if she would love watching corny movies on the couch, but she would still be cool to go to clubs with or out to the movies.

3. Karen Gillan:

There are two specific things about this girl. 1. She is on Doctor who, which is awesome and actually she might be one of my favorite companions to date. 2. She is a red head. I dont know why but I have always had a special place in my heart for red heads. But in addition to all of that I have heard her on the nerdist (#109) and she seems just freaking cool. A chick I would definitely hang out with. She is funny and intelligent and just seems super cool.

4. Felicia Day:

Every nerd guy wants a nerd girl, but any nerd with real taste has no interest in the imposter nerd girlfriend. Felicia Day is total nerd. She is the girl you would have to use all of your prowless to beat at any video game or board game. She is 100% nerd and super attractive. Plus she is a red head. More to the point she just seems awesome and like Chris Hardwick has made a career out of being a nerd and having fun. She is living the dream that every little nerd boy and girl wishes they could live.

5. Jenny Wade:

The first time I saw Jenny Wade was on "The Good Guys" which was a pretty awesome show on Fox. On this show she had the cutest accent and even if that isnt her accent she is just cute as a button. I dont know what it was that made me want to put her on my list... I guess she is just adorable like Zooey. Then I heard her on nerdist (#143) and she was super funny and really down to earth. She seems like a chick I could grab a beer with and just hang out at the bar all day.

Just missed list:

These are girls I would consider to move onto the list at some point but they just missed.

Carey Mulligan: 

I first saw her in one of the best episodes of Dr. Who ever. And ever since then I have had a little crush on this girl. She is a pretty amazing actress and seems to have some range. She has just a cute face. I dont know too much about her by any means, but I enjoy her as an actress and she was on freaking Doctor Who.

Mila Kunis:

What needs to be said about Mila. She is super attractive and has always been. And recently she has seemed like a cool funny girl. I mean she picks awesome movies for the most part (Black Swan, Forgetting Sarah Marshal, etc). She does seem like a cool chick, but and maybe this is because of that 70's show. She seems a little high maintenance. But I could see her on my list at one point.

So that is my list. I hope I wasnt too crude by any means. I have nothing but the utmost respect for all of these women and like I said would never do anything with any women that wasnt my Fiance.

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