Saturday, February 18, 2012

DLC Quest: Review

I read about this game on Joystiq yesterday and watched the trailer. it looked pretty freaking awesome. So I decided to check it out last night. Its a $.99 game on xbox live indie arcade.

I bought the game last night and played it for about 1 hour until I started to fall asleep, this is not a reflection on the game as much as the fact that I fall asleep really early now. So this morning when i woke up I took a about another hour to finish it up. For $.99 that feels like a pretty great deal to me.

50/50: Review

The other day my girlfriend and I rented 50/50 from the Redbox. Coming into this movie my head space was all over the place; on one hand Joseph Gordan-Levitt is one of the greatest actors ever. On the other Seth Rogen is a very hit or miss actor. But the main concern was can you make a funny movie about cancer.

Well I will make this quick. The movie is pretty damn amazing. The acting is incredible. I mean Joseph is very believable as a cancer patient, you see all the levels of emotions and its very heart tugging. Seth Rogen was perfect as the best friend. The movie was really good. It did have its flaws and there were a couple times I looked down at the watch, but for a semi-fictional movie. it was pretty awesome. i would suggest this for almost anyone, but be prepared to tear up a little. Oh and apparently you can make a semi funny movie about cancer.

Mass Effect 2: Review

I know what you are thinking, what a current game. Well I always wanted to play Mass Effect and in fact I played part of the first one on Xbox when I had my old 40gig rig without HDMI. So I have been waiting for a Xbox 360 slim before I took another swing at it. And then one of my buddies told me number 1 was only ok and to skip it, so I found number 2 for $20.00 and decided to play through the game. After spending close to 50 hours playing the game and finally beating it I decided to do a quick post on it. Enjoy you lucky devils you.

To be honest I have never really been much of an RPG person before, don't get me wrong I have always wanted to and I have made many valiant efforts, I just could never stay in the game, but this is different, this is an action RPG. Oh and something else you may want to know about me is that in this last year my favorite game style has become the action/adventure game (Infamous 1, 2 and festival of blood, Assassins Creed, Batman). So this seemed right up my alley.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Alaskan: Black IPA

A friend from work bought me a couple Black IPA's so i could try them, recently I have fallen in love with these so she did her own taste test and wanted me to try it also. First sip was pretty good, its has the hoppy taste of an ipa with the good bold flavor of a dark beer. I am not positive its my favorite Black IPA but its a good solid taste. After about half way through I am not bored with the flavor, which is a good sign. I would definitely buy this again.

Final Thoughts: Good flavor, great color, but a little hoppy. Would definitely buy again though.

Counter Strike Global Offensive

I remember playing "Counter Strike" for the first time at my buddy Jason's house back in 8th or 9th grade. This game was revolutionary for me. It was my true introduction into computer and online gaming. Before this I had played some Doom, Wolfenstein 3d, and Duke Nukem, but this was different, this was playing against real people. Jason had a copy and for a while we were able to get it to play on both of his parents computers, but after that stopped working we would take turns playing. Little did I know this was a start of an addiction that would still haunt me after 15+ years.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

DRM is the Devil.

There is not much I want to say about this. Basically I read an article on Gizmodo about alternate options to help stop Piracy that do not include DRM. Its an amazing article that mention some true alternatives that could help stop piracy. Now I have never been a fan of game piracy, minus some NES and SNES roms, but anything would be better then DRM. DRM is the worst thing to happen to gaming, not necessarily for me, but for people with limited or crappy internet. So go check out the article and I can only hope more game companies try other tactics rather then DRM.

Gizmodo Full Story

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Watchmen 2 first thoughts

Watchmen my easily be one of the greatest comics ever written, and best film adaptation. So the question has to be asked, should there be a Watchmen 2? More to the point should there be a watchmen 2 where the original creators are not even involved? IGN article

Now at this point I need specify that I suffer from terrible nerd rage. If the movie adaptation doesn't stick to the story I get mad (The Losers, Surrogates). If they do an unnecessary sequel or prequel (Watchmen 2?, Starwars, Indiana Jones and the horrible abortion of a film). Or if they try a money grab with a stupid original property (Battleship, Super Mario movie, Double Dragon, etc). Basically things that should bother no one, destroy me. So you have been warned, anything written after this sentence will probably be pointless and insane, but may at least be fun and informational.