Saturday, August 18, 2012

2 week break

So I am getting married in 2 weeks and then I have pax after that. I will probably not post anything here for at least that time. So small break, will be back in September.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Preview and Review: Playstation Allstars

I joined Playstation Plus (Review to Come) the other day so to my surprise I received a beta invite in my email a day later. I was super excited about this because I am super excited about this game. I loved Super Smash Brothers and hate the wii. I thought I was basically going to get SSBM for PS3. Hell this was going to be perfect for me.

The Glades: Season 3

The Glades - Season 3:  I am going to do a quick review of season 3, and I am going to try and it without a spoiler. I dont love this show, but I enjoy it enough. The show is a basic Cop procedural. Its a strangely simple show that has one thing going for it, strong characters. This show is similar to another show on the same station called Longmire (Expect the review later). Its a solid show though.

This season started with a long distant relationship and ended on a cliff hanger. I will say that I called the ending, but for some foolish reason I did not call the cliffhanger. I enjoyed the season for the most part. The acting was great and I love the little nerdy kid that works for the department. i did not like the addition of the new supervisor. She was a pointless character in the show. The entire season could have gone without her. I dont see this show going for too many more seasons, but I will enjoy it for as long as it is on. If you have seen the first season the second is now on netflix for your viewing. And this season was pretty good. Check it out.

Beer Review: Three Philosophers - Belgian Style Blend

Beer Review: Three Philosophers - Belgian Style Blend:
I want to start out by stating I am far from a regular beer reviewer. Basically I know what I like and I make my decisions solely based on that. My favorite usually is dark beer, but I enjoy a wheat and normal ales. I cant tell you about the color or density or whatever. But I will give my honest opinion about any beer i try. i took multiple pictures of this one because I planned on leaving a blogpost for this. Following you will receive a honest review and a couple of pictures. Thank you very much. Hopefully you will enjoy.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Breaking Bad Season 5: Ep 1-3

Breaking Bad Season 5: Ep. 1-3

Breaking Bad might easily be the best show on TV... possibly ever. I have never watched even a single episode of this show and not loved it. And the if you look at each season... My God what a great progression of each season. The show is amazing. I have been keeping up pretty well, but I have not been posting as much on this show. 

White Collar: Season 4 Ep. 1-4

I have been keeping up with White Collar and I have fallen behind on my TV wrap-ups. It is one of my favorite shows on TV right now so I thought I would just put it into one short-ish blog post. I will also be doing this with Breaking Bad for the same reason. I really enjoy this show but I have some opinions about the first few episodes.

Torchlight: Quick Review

Torchlight: Quick Review

I bought Torchlight forever ago, I cant remember if it was on a sale or not... but i put 40 hours into this game between two characters. The other day after beating Saints row I decided to throw it back on to prepare myself for Torchlight 2. It has been a while since I had played and i honestly have to say that I forgot how much fun it was. The game is a blast. I originally thought it would be a good place holder until Diablo 3 came out, but after playing it, I decided to just get Torchlight 2 because I love this game.