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Walking Dead: The complete Season 2

I burned through season 1 of walking dead about a year ago on DVD. And this last week there was a marathon of Season 2 to get everyone excited about season 3 that airs in October. My girlfriend and I burned through this season in about 2 nights and watched the Talking dead to see a quick preview of season 3. I loved this season, there were a couple slow moments, but over all the season was great. After the break I will do a quick run down and review of the entire season with some pictures. I will keep the spoilers to a minimum, but there will be a handful of things that you will want to skip. I will try to post some kind of spoiler warning before it.

I am one of the freak people who have already read all the way through the comic book series by Robert Kirkman. After season 1 I noticed some big differences between the show and the comic. Nothing detrimental, just different. As season 2 trucked on I did notice some big differences, but once again even though they were different from the book it is still a super fun show.

Characters this season were very important. There were a couple who stood out and became some of my favorites and there were a couple that kind of faded to the back and I would be ok with them dying.

Daryl Dixon was a character in the first season that looked pretty badass but he was such a loner that it was really tough to see how cool he was. This season he really stepped out and became freakin awesome. He was one of the most essential characters for the general survival of the group and he probably showed the most emotion, even more then Laurie. He cared more for finding the little girl then any one else and took it the hardest when not finding her. His character being one of the baddest and the most emotional is amazing. Plus you see his struggle to fit in or continue to be a loner. Its probably the second most important struggle in the season. No matter what I am super excited to see what becomes of him next season. Oh yeah he also when batshit crazy for a moment as pictured to the left. He went out, got hurt, killed some zombies and took their ears, and then when coming back was mistaken for a zombie and got shot in the head. It was amazing.

This next moment will contain a spoiler do not look at if you have not watched SPOILER!!

Shane was one of the stranger characters this season. I mean according to the book he shouldn't even be there, but he has become an important character for so many reasons. He is super useful when it comes to fighting the zombies, but also super problematic because he is constantly fighting the group and Rick. He is the cause of most of the drama during the season and is also the reason they live as long as they have. I mean hell he taught Andrea how to shoot and we know how important that is. The craziest thing about him was he was such a lynch pin character this season. He really drove Rick and basically forced all of his decisions. He became one of my favorite and most hated characters at the same time. So I wasn't too disappointed when he walked Rick out into the woods to try to kill him. As you can imagine Rick ended up killing Shane. This also lead into an interesting discovery for the group and the audience discovering that anyone who dies will turn into a zombie, it is not necessary for a bite to take place. So Rick kills Shane he turns almost instantly and to bring back some continuity Carl kills Shane a second time. This was an interesting moment because it resembles the comic more or less and it kills off one of the most important characters. When this moment happen I got a feeling that there was supposed to be more, but it never really went to that further area. I dont know how to explain it, but I did feel as though it wasnt quite correct. It was awesome, but not right. My girlfriend sat through a panel at Emerald City Comic Con where Shane talked about the scene and I have to say that I think I prefer his idea vs what actually happened. It would of felt better. Either way here is the video and I cant stress enough do not watch if you do not like SPOILERS. It will give a lot away.

I will admit that their were a couple crazy moments in the season. Nothing shocked me more than two very specific shocking deaths. Since I have already spoiled the season once I do not want to do it again. If you have seen the season you know what I am talking about. The coolest thing that happened was the introduction of a new character from the books that leads into an awesome story arc that I could not be more excited for.<pictured below>

Enter Michonne!! One of my favorite most bad ass characters in the book series. You see her for only a moment with her super sharp katana and pets. I cant wait to see how they use her. This next season is going to be amazing. I suggest everyone watch it. If you have not watched season 1 and 2 make it happen. Also if you have not read the book read that.

Overall: The series is basically a different, yet similar beast as the comic. The season was amazing I was literally sitting at the edge of my seat most of the time. There were some slower moments, but because I knew where it was going I was able to stay excited. If you hated the second season, stick with it one more season, they are leading into some seriously cool areas.

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