Saturday, July 21, 2012

Saints Row: The Third - Review

I picked up Saints Row: The third during the summer camp Steam sale thing. It was only $13.00 and I had heard nothing but good things about this one and the previous game. So it was a must and was actually one of the only games I was really hoping to go on sale. I dont know if I can come up with the words to describe this game but I will try. After the break you will read my review and reaction to the game.

Usually open world games and I dont get along. When i start playing those kinds of games I find myself going in every direction and never down the path that I am being led. I remember playing GTA: Vice City at my buddies house forever ago. I played for like 6 hours and didnt do even one mission. Truth be told I was a little shocked when I picked this up and started to enjoy it so quickly. After playing for a couple hours I realized that maybe my blind fear of open world game may have been misplaced. Also I realized that for all of my fear most of my favorite games are all opened world, infamous, batman, and assassins creed.

I should start by saying I have not played any of the other Saint Row games, but as far as I can tell the Saints crew are basically celebrities for being gangsters. The game starts with you robbing a bank disguised as yourself. It is absolutely ridiculous and insane, but sets the tone for what this game is. Right after the opening sequence you get to customize your character which is equally fun. I didnt actually do too much with the character creator, but its pretty intense and allows you to change basically anything in the game. Once again its insane, but can be a lot of fun. 


A mission or two in you get to pimp out your car, this leads to one of my favorite scenes in the game. The video above is a similar scene to what happened in my game. I guess its a staple in the game, but for some reason it cracked me up and made me almost pee myself laughing so hard. This is a perfect example of the small features they put into the game that really makes this game amazing. 

I started this game about a week ago. Everyday this week I came home and played at least 2-4 hours. This is actually really rare for me. Since my girl and I moved back into the same apartment, and I stopped living like a bachelor, now I spend most of my free time watching shows or movies with her. The last time a game that really dug into me like this was infamous 2. Basically when I wasnt playing this game I was thinking about playing this game. I was damn near addicted for the last week. The game was just plain fun. I dont know if there is really anything else to say besides that. It was a blast from start to finish. A lot of little jokes here and there. A lot of fun missions and side missions. Just plain visceral fun.

I think it needs to be said. This game is horribly inappropriate. As you can see in the picture above. There is a weapon called the penetrator. Its a huge dildo and balls attached to a handle. And there is nothing more fun then slapping some fools around with it. But there are also a couple uncomfortable moments in the game. I dont want to ruin them, but a lot of sex and fetish things. Its crazy. But everything is held with humor so it isnt too uncomfortable. 

Another cool feature are the Homies. Your homies are found throughout the game and you can call them in at times... but even if you never use that feature there are many times you get to do small missions with them. It creates a fun dynamic when you have to run and gun with a partner that you cant leave behind. And you have to use them as a team mate and not let them die. If they fall you will have to save them. 

Overall the game is horribly inappropriate, but I dont know the last time I played a game that was so much fun. The story is cool the side missions are unique and most are built around fun instead of bullshit collect missions. I mean there are multiple missions where your job is to cause as much destruction as you can in a certain amount of time. And there are ones where you have to get a certain amount of injury points and my god those were fun. In addition even the story missions were a lot of fun and varied a lot. One of the craziest missions revolved around a wrestling match. My god that was fun and kind of insane. The game is a lot of fun and minuses a lot of the lame stuff and seriousness of its sister game GTA. 

Oh yeah, CheapyD from Cheap Ass Gamer is in the game. He is a dlc homie and its cool to see something like that.

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