Saturday, July 14, 2012

Comic book wrap up

Hey Guys,

This might be the last comic book wrap up for a couple weeks. Maybe one more. I am planning on forcing myself to read a couple of books this summer. I will basically be switching gears a bit and moving to reading books for the next couple of weeks. I will give a preview of the books I plan on reading at the bottom of this list. This week I read some great comics, the Boys, Secret avengers, Hellboy, etc.

DMZ: Free States Rising (Vol.11): If you have not read any of the previous DMZ books I would not suggest starting here. I started this series about a year ago, it has currently finished since then. In a nutshell is basically a story about a civil war started in united states. Honestly probably one of the better series I have ever read and would suggest it for all, its get a little slow in the middle but so far has paid off very well. This book was really good, you can feel it all starting to wrap up, which is awesome. Each issue is packed with information and I love it. I cant wait to read the next 2.

Secret Avengers: Fear Itself: I usually read the main book for huge marvel story arcs, this one was kind of next in line for the secret avengers series, so I thought I would give it a go. The book was broken down into 3 separate stories following, Beast, Valkyrie, and Black Widow. If I was to be completely honest, the book isn't really worth reading. The stories are disjointed and only serve to support the main Fear Itself story arc, which was to be expected, but it was kind of boring. In fact as I started up the last story I decided to stop because they served no purpose for me. I am not disappointed because I should have just skipped it in the first place.

The Boys: The Big Ride (Vol 9): The boys is an excellent series by Garth Ennis and in typical Garth style, this book is dark... Would not suggest for kids. This book though started a little slow. I am not going to lie there was definitely a point where I thought I might not finish it. There was a turning point thought that really made this book worth reading. The main problem was that there was a lot of back story which is kind of cool, but kind of annoying also. But man when it turned good it was pretty amazing. I was not prepared to enjoy it as much as I did. I did really enjoy it though. If you have not looked into this series you need to check it out. Its very solid.

Hellboy: Seeds of Destruction (Vol 1): This series has been out forever and I am just now jumping into it. I actually have been trying to grab this for a long time and it just has not worked out. Since I struggled grabbing the first Hellboy I actually started to read Abe Sapien and BPRD. I loved both of those and decided I needed to read Hellboy. This one seems to be a part of the inspiration for the first movie. It did take a turn near the middle and stopped following that storyline. The book was great. I love Mike Mignola. His art and style are brilliant. This story was fun and very very interesting. I cant wait to check out more of this series.

So this is basically the comics for this week. I have a couple more I will be reading this week and on and off for the rest of the summer. You can expect Daredevil (Mark Waid run), Skullkickers Vol.2, and a lot of Warren Ellis.

The Books I plan on reading this week this summer are:
Bossy Pants - Tina Fey
Snow Crash - Neal Stephenson
Ancestor - Scott Sigler
Ready Player One - Ernest Cline
Nerd Do Well - Simon Pegg

I dont know if I will get to all of them and I wouldnt mind adding a couple others into the mix, maybe some neil gaiman, who knows for sure.

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