Sunday, July 29, 2012

Restaurants: Lakewood Reviews

This week I discovered Yelp and we tried many restaurants that we had never eaten at before. I am excited to say that we had some great new experiences. We tried 3 new restaurants and was not disappointed even once. I will say that I usually dont eat out that much so i felt like I was going to die yesterday but it was totally worth it.

L&L Hawaiian BBQ: This place was amazing. We had some awesome BBQ pork, Fried Chicken Cutlet, Rice, and Macaroni Salad. The place was nice looking, decent customer service and just amazing food. I dont know what it was about the food, but it filled me up very well. I dont know the last time I didnt finish a meal. It made for a great leftover also though. I would suggest for anyone and I will be going back again.

Marcia's Silver Spoon: You see that beautiful looking breakfast. It came from a small little diner. I think its only fair to mention that I LOVE breakfast. I had the omelet on the left and my girl had the sandwich on the right. They were priced high but the amount of food received was great. One of the best breakfasts I have had in a while. I would suggest for anyone and I will be taking family members to this place. The wait wasnt long, the food was fairly priced and I cant wait to go back.

El Pulgarcito: On man I have never had El Salvadorian food before but I was excited to try it. On the left we have Horchata on the right Papusa, black beans, and rice. This was an amazing dinner. Papusa is like a corn pancake with some kind of filling. I had pork and cheese. It was amazing. The place was nice the food was cheap and delicious. I will be returning sometime, but it was super greasy so not too often.

The Keg: I forgot that my girl and I went to the Keg last week for our anniversary. This was the first and only disappointing experience with Yelp. The food felt a little overpriced for what we received. The portions were huge but all of the food was a bit lackluster. It wasnt bad just a bit bland for what it was. We got a chicken and salsa cheese dip, the chips were great the dip was bland and tasted like Campbells, oh and it was a little cold in the middle. I got a steam and my girl got the prime rib. The steak was pretty awesome and decent size, the sides were terrible. I got a twice baked potato which I will never do again. I did not care for that at all. The prime rib was ok, actually a little flavorless. We both got salads, which were enormous. I would have not got an appetizer if I had known how large it was going to be, and it was super dressing heavy so I barely got to taste the salad. I would not suggest for anyone and we will probably not go back.

We will probably end up going out a couple more times in a couple weeks and I will make sure to do the same again. I dont know if I can ever really become a food blogger, but whatever I love taking pictures of what I eat. 

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