Saturday, August 4, 2012

Comic Book Wrap Up


This week I had a pretty interesting run of comics. I wasn't sure I was going to jam through so many, but I hit a great little run and destroyed a bunch. What you have to look forward to is a big marvel run and a pretty dark Ellis book. I have one other book to read a maybe a few on hold, but I have to start to reading some real books. Hopefully this will be the last comic book post for a few weeks, but I am super weak when it comes to comics. I love reading comics. Enjoy a quick review and maybe a small preview of what I want to read.

Avengers: Vol 2 and 3 -  A while back I started the heroic age of Avengers, New Avengers, and Secret Avengers. I guess I kind of forgot about them but this week I ran through four comics pretty quickly, my thoughts on Avengers. First of all the team is way too DAMN big. Who isnt an Avenger at this point, seriously. I mean I am happy in book 3 they finally pared it down, but literally Avengers have become a melting pot for all other teams. You beat up a bad guy, you are on another team, doesnt matter you are on the avengers. I didnt love these books. There is a lot going on in book 3 which was awesome, but I just didnt love the story. It just seemed I dont know a little too convenient all that happened and how powerful and quickly everything happened. There was some good but overall I can see what they are planning on doing. I will put a little more wrap up thought after the new avengers.

 New Avengers: vol 2 and 3 - I want to start by saying the last run of New Avengers (Vol. 1-13 and cival war) was one of my favorite series ever. So I was super excited to get into this again. So much that I almost started getting it monthly. I literally dont buy comics monthly because of the price to enjoyment ration. But I honestly loved it that much. The problem is that once again the team is huge and just borrowing from every other team. Also there is a lot of political BS in these last two books, that drove me nuts. Oh and the bad guys are too bad and too powerful. I did not enjoy this story at all, but i am curious as to where it is going. I love the characters and i love them in this situation, I just dont love the story yet. I dont even want to blame Brian Michael Bendis, I think its Marvels fault on this one. I will cover this in a second just wanted to get it out of the way. I liked the art, didnt like the story.

Overview: I have many issues with this run of avengers and new avengers. I honestly dont think its Brian Michael Bendis's fault. I think he was put into a position where he was supposed to be a filler while they work up to Xmen Vs. Avengers. My first big beef has to do with the fact that there stories and lives are too closely intertwined. The reason I loved New Avengers before is that it wasn't The Avengers. There was a little connection and crossover but they were not the same. This one they are basically the same story crossing over in every book. So when i read volume 2 and 3 of each I kept getting confused and it didnt help that Captain America and Iron man are in both comics. Honestly this is the problem with Bendis writing both of them. The second problem deals with the bad guys they ran into. There is this huge bag guy conglomerate called Hammer. It basically takes all of the bad guys and put them into one giant team. With this came a completely... even for comics... unbelievable story line. Where Osborn basically does the exact same thing that he did in the Dark Avengers. The Dark Avengers was absolutely garbage and stupid and made no sense. This story that runs inbetween the two series follows basically the same story arc for a second time. I literally hated this part of the book and kept thinking about putting it down. The worst part was actually Osborn in both books he turned himself into a "Super adaptoid" which means he is able to take any ability of any person he touches. It was insane and the only way to take him down was to overload his circuits. It was like Osborn became super man. I hated this story arc and I hated the political bs that came from it and I realized too late I could have probably skipped both since it was all leading to Avengers v Xmen. I would suggest skipping this entire arc starting in on AVX and finishing up after that. Also I though when the heroic age started we were going to see Captain America (bucky) run the avengers, Iron man run the New avengers, and Steve Rogers run the secret Avengers. But as usual this is basically One giant Avengers and a seperate smaller Secret Avengers... Well and now when I think about it a lot of the secret avengers happen to be on the Avengers... Really lame actually I hope they fix this after AVX.

Sorry about that huge diatribe but it really bothered me. Onto the next books.

 Captain America: Vol 1 and 2 - I am a huge fan of Capt. and even bigger when it is Mr. Brubaker that is writing it. I love Ed Brubaker's writing style and everything he has ever done with Captain has been gold. This story is interesting, very well written and follows a pretty... interesting story arc. In these books you get a blast from the past which is always fun, and you get to see Capt. team up with the falcon, nick fury, and Hawkeye. I love Hawkeye and it leads into a Capt. and Hawkeye team up eventually. The story is a little ridiculous and has a similar problem where the bad guy is a little too powerful. I dont like super powerful bad guys and plans that work just right, but this one was palatable. I loved this book and I am looking forward to the next run.

Black Summer: Warren Ellis - Warren Ellis is the master of crazy over the top dark ass stories. From the beginning this felt a lot like No hero and I think it might be the same artist. There feels like a small connection but nothing concrete. The story is absolutely bananas and the art is crazy. I loved this book. It started a bit slow and I didn't know if I was going to finish, but about 10 pages in I was hooked. The story was pretty interesting and a really fun read. I blasted through this book after a couple hours at work and cant suggest it enough. I love stories like this where they are small and self contained. I dont mind a decent run of 10 or so books, but most stories go on too long. Ellis mostly contains his stories within one book and i love it.

Overview: This was a pretty awesome week for comics. Very marvel heavy, but fun reads and a good way to catch up with some of my favorite characters. I didnt love my dive into avengers, which is sad, but ok. I enjoyed Captain America and I loved Black Summer. I would suggest jumping into a couple of these but skip the avengers until after the AVX run. I have a batman book to read, but I was not enjoying it so far. I might just add it to this later on.

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