Saturday, August 4, 2012

White Collar: Season 4 Ep. 1-4

I have been keeping up with White Collar and I have fallen behind on my TV wrap-ups. It is one of my favorite shows on TV right now so I thought I would just put it into one short-ish blog post. I will also be doing this with Breaking Bad for the same reason. I really enjoy this show but I have some opinions about the first few episodes.

Episode 1: This started out pretty good, but about 10 minutes in they had basically destroyed the ending of the last season. Season 3 ended with Neal and Mozzie running off into the sunset to never return. Where they end up they are supposedly safe from police and are well hidden. After about 10 minutes Peter concocts a plan to find Neal because a new Character is on the case to find Neal. Agent Kyle Collins, A new watch dog that has way too much power and freedom. This guy has one goal and it is to catch Neal and bring him back. He has waaay too much power and authority in a place where he should not. I didnt hate this episode, but I definitely did not love it. Things happened way too fast and there were extremely unlikely circumstances. It was super frustrating but it is what it is.

 Episode 2: Was more of the same. I really hated Mekhi Phifer's character. For a higher level Agent his reach was long and he was super powerful. I could not stand it. This episode was just as bad as episode 1. Once again everything happened too fast and nothing made too much sense. Very convenient situations and a way too powerful agent. The end of the episode brings us back to New York and things are feeling similar.

 Episode 3: Now we are back in New York and things feel more comfortable... oh wait except Peter is suspended from White Collar and is now working in Evidence. The episode is fun and things feel more natural. I love the guest character they bring in to be the bad guy. And its a really good episode overall.

 Episode 4: This is a great episode for Neal really focuses on his abilities. Plus the end of this episode brings it all back around to what we are use to. I enjoyed this episode but any episode where Neal gets to be the focus is a good one. This is the kind of episode that makes the show worth watching.

Overview: The first 2 episodes where terrible. Plain and simple. They basically took what should have taken half the season and smashed into 2 episodes. They seemed to slow down a bit after the first 2 eps, but still so much happened so quickly. I can say that I almost hated the first 2 episodes, which is tough being that I have loved all but one episode of this series. Basically the first half of this season was spent resetting everything that changed with the end of season 3. I am not sad this happened, but it just felt a little too fast. I think they could of spread this out a bit and it would have been more enjoyable. I dont really know why this was the only option for the end of season 3, but they felt like it was. I dont know if they couldnt decide what to do after they did that or what, but we are back to where we started. Episode 4 ended with a cliffhanger that will be super interesting. I cant wait to see where this season goes. The show is still in my top 5 of shows that are currently on, but this season started rough.

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