Monday, August 13, 2012

The Glades: Season 3

The Glades - Season 3:  I am going to do a quick review of season 3, and I am going to try and it without a spoiler. I dont love this show, but I enjoy it enough. The show is a basic Cop procedural. Its a strangely simple show that has one thing going for it, strong characters. This show is similar to another show on the same station called Longmire (Expect the review later). Its a solid show though.

This season started with a long distant relationship and ended on a cliff hanger. I will say that I called the ending, but for some foolish reason I did not call the cliffhanger. I enjoyed the season for the most part. The acting was great and I love the little nerdy kid that works for the department. i did not like the addition of the new supervisor. She was a pointless character in the show. The entire season could have gone without her. I dont see this show going for too many more seasons, but I will enjoy it for as long as it is on. If you have seen the first season the second is now on netflix for your viewing. And this season was pretty good. Check it out.

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