Monday, August 13, 2012

Beer Review: Three Philosophers - Belgian Style Blend

Beer Review: Three Philosophers - Belgian Style Blend:
I want to start out by stating I am far from a regular beer reviewer. Basically I know what I like and I make my decisions solely based on that. My favorite usually is dark beer, but I enjoy a wheat and normal ales. I cant tell you about the color or density or whatever. But I will give my honest opinion about any beer i try. i took multiple pictures of this one because I planned on leaving a blogpost for this. Following you will receive a honest review and a couple of pictures. Thank you very much. Hopefully you will enjoy.

I guess it would be far only to start at the top. Now i have never opened up a beer that had a top like this. This looked like a top of a fine champagne. The cork was packed in there and it was protected by a wire. Its obviously aged with the 2011 printed on the top of the bottle. The glass is thick, really thick. This is kind of a glass that is to protect something special. This made me feel really good about any beer I am about to put into my body. Also this is a huge bottle. I finished it up tonight and I am kind of off my ass. It was a great start.

Like I said I far from a beer snob. I can tell you I loved the color of this beer. There wasnt a lot of foam, which was nice, and the lacing was ok or... blah blah blah. I loved the taste of the beer. There was a slight taste of sweetness, which I loved. My girlfriend also enjoyed it, which says something because she doesnt enjoy beer. The taste is lovely, the color is gorgeous, and I would suggest this beer for anyone to drink. My buddy grabbed it for me and I love and hate him for it. I love him because it was a lovely beer. I hate him because it looks expensive and I will have to drink it again.

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