Monday, August 13, 2012

Preview and Review: Playstation Allstars

I joined Playstation Plus (Review to Come) the other day so to my surprise I received a beta invite in my email a day later. I was super excited about this because I am super excited about this game. I loved Super Smash Brothers and hate the wii. I thought I was basically going to get SSBM for PS3. Hell this was going to be perfect for me.

So I guess I should start with the preview part. The game is a battle royale of playstation Characters, wait, that sounds familiar. That is because it is a direct rip off of SSB. Its a diet fighting game where you and up to 3 other players are trying to score the highest points, or dying least, or whatever. From the looks of the trailer it looks very similar to a certain game.

The game looks fun, but I did have some time with it. Now I wont even pretend to judge the technical flaws. Those will be gone by the time the game comes out. I will judge the game itself though. I jumped in and right off the bat I felt there was something wrong. At first I couldnt put my finger on it. But I cant ell you right now. When i play SSB I primarily use the melee attacks. In this game there are 3 attack buttons, a jump button, and a special button. That is it.

I took the first 3 matches trying to feel out the attack buttons and feel comfortable about the game play. After about 5 rounds and playing through all the characters I never felt comfortable at all. I have played all of the SSB games and feel at home with any iteration of that game. With no melee attack I couldnt seem to get the attacks right. The mode we played requires you to use a super attack to shoot a player out. After the end of every round I never really understood why I lost. I dont know but I never really understood this game. I rarely feel like a noob when I jump into a game, but this one never hit home.

Overall the game does feel early, so i wouldnt not count it out yet. I did not enjoy the mechanics, but I could see the charm. I hope this game works correctly eventually, but I will same my money until it is out for a couple weeks.

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