Saturday, August 4, 2012

Breaking Bad Season 5: Ep 1-3

Breaking Bad Season 5: Ep. 1-3

Breaking Bad might easily be the best show on TV... possibly ever. I have never watched even a single episode of this show and not loved it. And the if you look at each season... My God what a great progression of each season. The show is amazing. I have been keeping up pretty well, but I have not been posting as much on this show. 

This season has been pretty amazing. I will say that one of my favorite characters from last season is still prominent in this season. Mike was freaking badass and I am super excited that he is still around and such an important cog. Also so far Jesse has shown himself as one of the most important things to happen to this season. I am super excited to see that he is becoming more knowledgeable and more useful. There was one scene where he helped plan out what to do with the equipment that was extremely smart. I cant wait to see what they do with him in the future.

The season started out with a cryptic clip of Walt looking super crazy and getting a huge weapon. I cant wait to see what happens with that. I have some theories, but I dont know where they are heading. The long and short of it is that I love this show and this season is pretty awesome so far. I dont like Walt as much as I usually do, because he is kind of a creeper. Also his wife is a little more annoying then usual. They havent done too much with his cop brother in law but I cant imagine I will be in love with him when he finally puts the pieces together. Overall good so far. 

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