Saturday, August 4, 2012

Torchlight: Quick Review

Torchlight: Quick Review

I bought Torchlight forever ago, I cant remember if it was on a sale or not... but i put 40 hours into this game between two characters. The other day after beating Saints row I decided to throw it back on to prepare myself for Torchlight 2. It has been a while since I had played and i honestly have to say that I forgot how much fun it was. The game is a blast. I originally thought it would be a good place holder until Diablo 3 came out, but after playing it, I decided to just get Torchlight 2 because I love this game.

There are a couple flaws with this game that I hope they fix for the next one, but overall I love it. One glaring flaw is that the two characters I played, The Destroyer and The Alchemist,  felt very similar. I started with the destroyer so I could duel wield, later I realized that the Alchemist could do the exact thing and had slightly better magic. So I started up a new character. When i started it I did not notice a difference at all. The second problem was with the level design. Every place felt exactly the same. So much so that I just kept going down and never really knew where I was. At one point I had felt like I had been going for a while and finally checked online to see how much further I had to go. I was on level 31 out of 35, but honestly I could barely tell I had gone down at all, the only reason I knew was because they had a number on each floor.

In the next game they have multiplayer, but I also hope there is a little more variety in the game and characters. I want each class to have something special they excel at, destroyer=duel wield and extra strong, but slower. The Alchemist extra good with magic, the Vanquisher very fast good with distance weapons but weaker. Stuff like that. Also I wouldnt mind the idea of diablo where you enter a new world. This helped a little with progress. You enter a new world you feel like the journey has moved along. 

Overall the game is amazing and not only because it is a $15.00 game. The game is good needs a little polish, but I cant wait for the second one. I thought from the beginning the one main thing that was lacking was multiplayer. Multiplayer will make this game like 10x better right from the gate. Look forward to my review of Torchlight 2... in like a year.

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