Saturday, February 18, 2012

50/50: Review

The other day my girlfriend and I rented 50/50 from the Redbox. Coming into this movie my head space was all over the place; on one hand Joseph Gordan-Levitt is one of the greatest actors ever. On the other Seth Rogen is a very hit or miss actor. But the main concern was can you make a funny movie about cancer.

Well I will make this quick. The movie is pretty damn amazing. The acting is incredible. I mean Joseph is very believable as a cancer patient, you see all the levels of emotions and its very heart tugging. Seth Rogen was perfect as the best friend. The movie was really good. It did have its flaws and there were a couple times I looked down at the watch, but for a semi-fictional movie. it was pretty awesome. i would suggest this for almost anyone, but be prepared to tear up a little. Oh and apparently you can make a semi funny movie about cancer.

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