Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Watchmen 2 first thoughts

Watchmen my easily be one of the greatest comics ever written, and best film adaptation. So the question has to be asked, should there be a Watchmen 2? More to the point should there be a watchmen 2 where the original creators are not even involved? IGN article

Now at this point I need specify that I suffer from terrible nerd rage. If the movie adaptation doesn't stick to the story I get mad (The Losers, Surrogates). If they do an unnecessary sequel or prequel (Watchmen 2?, Starwars, Indiana Jones and the horrible abortion of a film). Or if they try a money grab with a stupid original property (Battleship, Super Mario movie, Double Dragon, etc). Basically things that should bother no one, destroy me. So you have been warned, anything written after this sentence will probably be pointless and insane, but may at least be fun and informational.

I am a man who has read a lot of comics. One of the few comics I have read more than once is Watchmen. The story and writing styles may be the greatest example of how comic books can be relevant. Not only is the story of the Watchmen interesting, but the characters are great and grounded in reality (kind of). Its amazing how Allan Moore can move these characters through history in a relatively short book. I literally experienced each character and knew them by the end. And then there is a second story woven throughout the main arc. The story of "The Tales of the Black Freighter" coincides with what is happening during the main story, its brilliant and beautiful. The best part of the story is that it ends, and its over, no real room for a sequel/prequel, no need for further explanation, its done and that is it.

So the question is why? What real fan wants this? Who is looking for other artists and authors to come in and potentially wreck something this beautiful work of art? Now dont get me wrong. If Allan Moore and Dave Gibbons came forward and said we are going to make the prequel to Watchmen that we have always wanted to make, I might be looking forward to that, but at the same time it would be with low expectations. Now take the same scenario without the original artist/writer and my doubt doubles and I assume the worst.

To me this seems like a total disaster. The nerd rage part of me hopes it fails, but the comic fan part of me has hope that it was be amazing. You have very talented artists and authors. You still have awesome characters, with untapped back stories. Yet I still have to be afraid of what they are going to try and do with the story. I guess the biggest fear is, can they really tap into the same sense of story and feeling as the original work did? I suppose I will let you know as I begin to read them. So tune in later and I dig through these series and see what comes up.

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