Saturday, February 18, 2012

DLC Quest: Review

I read about this game on Joystiq yesterday and watched the trailer. it looked pretty freaking awesome. So I decided to check it out last night. Its a $.99 game on xbox live indie arcade.

I bought the game last night and played it for about 1 hour until I started to fall asleep, this is not a reflection on the game as much as the fact that I fall asleep really early now. So this morning when i woke up I took a about another hour to finish it up. For $.99 that feels like a pretty great deal to me.

The game was pretty awesome, very satirical about DLC in the current games industry. I really enjoyed it, very simple and very funny. And just a lot of fun. I would suggest this game for just about everyone. Its a very simple fun game.

Here is the trailer: It is currently only available on XBLA indie.

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