Friday, February 3, 2012

Counter Strike Global Offensive

I remember playing "Counter Strike" for the first time at my buddy Jason's house back in 8th or 9th grade. This game was revolutionary for me. It was my true introduction into computer and online gaming. Before this I had played some Doom, Wolfenstein 3d, and Duke Nukem, but this was different, this was playing against real people. Jason had a copy and for a while we were able to get it to play on both of his parents computers, but after that stopped working we would take turns playing. Little did I know this was a start of an addiction that would still haunt me after 15+ years.

This has arguably been my favorite game ever, from 1.6 to source I have sunk an incalculable amount of hours into this game. Probably not the reason I failed some classes in college but definitely did not help. For some reason this game has always been around and I have always come back to it. Even now when I have Batman and Battlefield sitting next to my PS3 I find myself wondering back to the safe arms of Counter Strike.

Now after many years there is a new installment into the series: Counter Strike Global Offensive. When I first saw this game at PAX 2011 I was very hesitant, but while playing it I was very shocked. First impression, graphics looked great, menus looked really cool, the levels looked amazing and the game play was solid. Unfortunately my eyes were turned to another mistress (Battlefield 3) at the time and I didn't appreciate it to much. Then the other day I saw some game play from the beta and I was floored. It looks as though they went through and fixed every downfall plaguing the current iteration. I cant wait to pick it up and spend too many hours with it.

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