Sunday, June 24, 2012

Updated list of podcasts June 2012

I am a man that listens to a lot of podcasts. Frankly if I couldnt work would be much more boring. I love podcasts that are funny and revolve around something nerding or important in my life. My favorite stuff are video games and movie podcasts with a sprinkle of sports. Although most importantly is that they need to make me laugh in some small way. So here is my list of current podcasts as of June 2012.

Here  is my updated list of favorite podcasts:

Maximum Fun: Probably the best podcast network out there. Very funny podcasts, very funny people a cool network.

1. Jordan, Jesse, GO! - I still love this podcast, a little hipstery but super funny. A lot of inappropriate jokes, but dang it makes me laugh.

 2. Stop Podcasting Yourself - These Canadian comedians are dang funny. Structured, but dang hilarious. This may be my favorite podcast only behind JJGO and MbMbaM.

 3. My Brother, My Brother, And me - The Mcelroy brothers might be the best thing to happen to podcasting. They are very funny and just a dang enjoyable podcast. I often find myself laughing out loud.

 4. Bullseye With Jesse Throne - This is one of the "J's" in JJGo. It is not as much funny as it is interesting. He usually interviews someone unexpected and interesting.

5. International Waters - This is hosted by Jesse Thorn and written my Jordan Morris (those names should sound familiar by now). Its a quiz/improv comedy show. Its really funny and keeps getting funnier, it is only recorded once a month and has 2 comedians from the US and 2 from England. Its great.

Nerdist Network: Nerdist is really what got me into podcasting and this network is ever expanding. There are only a few podcasts I listen to on here though. I have listened to most at one point, but only really enjoy a handful.

1. Nerdist - The original is the best, I love these guys and they just keep interviewing better and better guests. I love this show so much. It got me into podcasting and it keeps me in it.

2.Indoor Kids - Another great podcast from nerdist, its about video games and different topics around that theme. Its usually pretty funny always interesting and fun to listen too. I will admit I think it was better with the original girl, but the replacement is not too bad.

Video Game Podcasts: This list use to be much longer, but I have retired most of the video game stuff for comedy and sports.

1. VOX Gaming: Besties - Vox gaming is the collaboration of all the best video game journalist. They came together and made an awesome webpage. Now this is the only podcast put out by them so far, but I suspect in the near future we will see something a bit more traditional. This show is hilarious though. 4 funny people cracking jokes about video games trying to sell their game to each other. Its a fun listen and pretty short.

2. Cheap ass Gamer: CAGcast - This is the second podcast next to Nerdist that I have been listening to since the beginning. I love this show, very low brow, but fun. Not a traditional format and its by people who have normal lives so they are not too far up each other ass, but its not bad.

3. Gamers with Jobs - This is probably one of my favorite podcast definitely my favorite video game podcast. They talk differently about games and its great because they are not all journalist, some have other things going on. They are gamers with jobs, plus they will talk about boardgames.

4. Weekend Confirmed - I am not going to lie. I almost dont even like this show. Its close to be amazing with one big problem. Garnet Lee the main host of the show and he is terrible. But it does work well for working out too. its 2.5 hours long most of the time, so it lasts a couple workouts.

5. Joystiq - I stopped listening to this for a long time after the who polygon thing, but it is getting better again.

Sports: I listen to a couple sports podcasts. Currently only ESPN 710 seattle

1. Brock and Salk - good show and they talk a lot about seahawks football. I cant wait for the season to start.

2. Bob and Groz - Another good show, fun to listen to and they talk about Seattle sports so I cant complain.

Movies: I listen to a couple movie themed podcasts

1. Comedy Film Nerds - Two hilarious comedians who love moves. It is pretty awesome, one problem is that they are a little pretentious. But overall it is great.

2. Doug Loves Movies -Doug Benson plays some movie themed games with comedians. It is pretty awesome. Doug really does love movies. I need to check out his other ones.

3. How Did This Get Made -This is my favorite podcast and it is made every other week. They talk about bad movies, and what it took to make them. Sometimes they have guests from the movies they are talking about. It is hilarious. Might be my third favorite.

Misc. I have one podcast that doesnt fit under any of these categories.

1. The Bugle - a funny news podcast featuring Jon Oliver (daily show and community) and Andy Zaltzman (British Comedian). This podcast is pretty great, parts of it do go over my head but i think their goal is to just make the other laugh as hard as possible. Its pretty hilarious.

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