Sunday, June 24, 2012

Prometheus Review

What can be said about this movie that has not already been said. Since this has become the punching bag for every reviewer and comedian, I wont try to top that. I will just give a quick honest opinion and post a funny video I saw on Youtube that sums up the movie for me very well. Before we go on I will say that the movie was very pretty, even though I saw it in 2d, and I have heard the 3d was very impressive.

I watched this movie in Federal Way with my Father on Father's Day, I thought it would be a great bonding experience. Unfortunately when we left we both sat there in near silence trying to decide how we felt about the movie. I dont want to say that the movie was bad, but rather just disappointing. I mean... I guess it was the beginning to a trilogy, but man that is not what I was looking forward to. I wanted to see the birth of the aliens and see it lead into a scene right before Alien. Instead we got this partial movie that had no substance in it at all and left we wishing I was watching a decent movie. The acting was good enough, the story left me wanting, and it was pretty. That is the movie in a nutshell. Now below I am posting a video from youtube that explains some of my many frustrations from prometheus. It is very spoiler heavy so if you have not seen the movie do not watch. It is not super funny, but entertaining enough. Check it out.

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