Sunday, June 24, 2012

TV Wrap up

So instead of writing one single post per show I have decided to write a quick wrap up post encompassing a quick blurb for each series. I might try to do something like this each week, but who knows. I have been pretty terrible with this so far, so we will see. Plus I need a much better name. TV dance party... TV show show... TV Review. I dont know I will think of something fun.
This week I caught up on a plethora of tv shows mostly stuff on the USA network and A&E. I will be talking about Longmire, The Glades, Burn Notice, Suits, etc. Some of these series are new to me and some are old friends, but I had some fun with most of them.

Longmire: Man, from the first preview I saw of this show I knew it was perfect for me. I have been so excited to watch this series, but I just have been too busy. Finally I sat down and watched the first 3 episodes. This show is amazing. It is perfect for me. Its about an old grizzled sheriff from Wyoming just doing his job. His wife is dead, his daughter is a lawyer, and there are crimes to be solved. He is super old school, reads a lot, drinks his coffee black, when he drinks beer is only Rainer,and doesn't even own a cellphone. This show is damn near perfect for me so far. I am hoping it wont get the break out kings treatment. I dont know if I would suggest it for everyone, but it is amazing for those who like old school western type shows and movies.
The Glades: I watched season 1 on netflix last year. I actually never saw season 2, but my girlfriend wanted to watch the series so I was ok skipping it. I will eventually go back and watch it, but it is not a priority and I figured for a cop procedural I probably wouldnt miss too much. I really enjoy the lead character, and really all the side characters as well. It is not a perfect show or anything, but it is entertaining as hell. So far season 3 is good, I am not a huge fan of the relationship stuff they are building up too. It feels a bit forced... I mean a long distant relationship, there is no chance it will last without ending in a marriage (and that will probably be broken off at some point also). I dont know if this is her slow decent out of the show or if she will actually stick around after it is all done. Maybe its just a chance for her to stay distant for a little while, who knows, but I hate lame relationship stuff.
Burn Notice: I finished up season 5 about a month ago, and couldnt wait to see season 6. I recorded the first 2 episodes and watched them on Saturday. I still love this series, because the characters are amazing, and I mean hell Bruce Campbell. With that being said I feel this season started a little stale. The main bad guy has over reaching abilities. You can never really know what someone is going to do. The problem with humans is that they are unpredictable. So whenever you have a character who can predict what people are going to do it bothers me. But the first two episodes are good. I like where they are going. I still love Jesse as one of the team mates and I love the addition of Doctor Perry Cox. I still get a little giddy when something crazy happens and I love it. Its worth the watch and a great series. If you have not watched it, the first few seasons are/were on netflix.
Suits: is a new Series that started last year. Its very similar to a lot of the usa shows that are based on strong characters. He has a photographic memory and the ability to put into practice anything he learns or something. This season has some crazy stuff going on, where an old partner is back and gunning for top seat in the firm. Like most usa shows the cast is what makes this show worth while. They work well with each other and play off of each other very well. They did something very interesting with some of the relationships and they are taking the show in a good direction. I am looking forward to where they take this season.
I just realized I watched like 8 different series premiers this week and if I did a long blurb on each it would take 6 hours to read, so quick blurbs for the rest this week and maybe I will focus on them next week.
Common Law: Great buddy cop show. This is the first season. A little clunky but funny and action filled.
Comedy Bang Bang: Comedy so nice they banged it twice. Its kind of an improve/comedy show based on a talk show. It features Scott Aukerman and Reggie Watts, plus a plethora of Guests and it is amazing.
Bunk: Comedy/improv show based around a game show. It is pretty funny, kind of dumb, but worth watching each week.
Futurama: Its back again for season 7 same greatness as before and 2 great episodes start it off right.

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