Monday, October 17, 2011

What is this about?!?!?

Hey Everybody,

My name is Ricky and I am just a guy who has stuff bouncing around in his head and has a desire to share it with the world. Now I am not saying I am anyone important or think that my knowledge or opinions are of any use for anyone. I just want to write and create. I am 30 years old, play video games, listen to podcasts, watch movies and tv, read books and comic books, and love hanging out with my friends and family. There are things I want to say and I think this will be a great medium.
In the last couple years I have really gotten into podcasts and web journalism. With that being said I have always desired to become some kind of great reviewer of media in one shape or the other. You know a person that runs a successful blog and podcast. Truth is I have started and deleted 2 or 3 different blogs. And after a failed attempt at running a gaming blog I have learned that I dont need anything too formal right now and I dont have the time or discipline to do anything too formal. I just want to have fun. At PAX Prime this year Will Wheaton said something along the lines of I write because if I dont I will die. It is roughly quoted and I think re-quoted from someone else. That is my main reason for doing this. I honestly dont know if anyone will even be interested in this and I don't know if anyone will read it but I hope my words can find a place in the world, but even if it doesn't I need to continue to create.

Now here is the main question, what do I have to offer over any other blog on the net? Well not too much probably. I gave you an idea of how I spend my time above, that is what I will probably write about. I absolutely love movies and might post most of my movie reviews on here. I have to be honest they usually run a little long and I have been told by my girlfriend that they are a little pretentious. But you can find better movie reviews at /film, or many other sites. I play and love video games, so there is a chance I might post small video game news and reviews, but once again there are a million better sites for that. I love comics, but usually months to a year behind, that goes for TV also. So what do I bring to the table? I guess honest insight, mediocre writing, and hopefully funny anecdotes. More importantly a world view that is different then most.

Well like I said I hope this blog finds a home among someones heart. If not it doesn't matter, I just need to create. I plan on writing as much as I can, it may not be every day but it will be when I have time or when something really strikes me. There might be some reviews and news, but mostly just honest thoughts. Every once in a while I dabble with photoshop, mostly stupid things so those might show up here. Plus I have really been considering getting back into photography, I loved photography and miss it terribly. Most importantly if you are reading this Thank you. If you have any insights I love discussion, so please comment. Other then that enjoy.

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